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How to Succeed with MUMTI...

Install MUMTI "the application" for children

  1. We encourage you to use MUMTI "The Application" mode.  This is done by choosing the Install option which will set it up on the desktop as a shortcut, and it no longer requires the browser afterwards.  It will also offer unique advantages and additional cartoons and content via a additional players.  You can still use the browser anytime to access MUMTI on need basis where we expect adults and/or adult supervision.

  2. Start with fun channels like Anasheed and Cartoons, as they grow they can be encouraged to watch scientific content in Arabic.   For example, the "Science" channel.

  3. To be effective MUMTI should be used exclusively instead of standard TV (cable/dish) starting at an early age.    Your children will speak Arabic naturally, many times better than anyone around you :)  and you will amaze your community.  (Jump to More Guidelines at the Bottom in this Document...)

Getting Started with your Child

Channels for Children in Arabic...


Channels for Children in English

(has also sections about Islam, Cartoons, Anasheed...)        

Channels for GrownUps





The following sections are a high-level map to some of the content and areas your should engage your children into, in order to rip most of the benefits and achieve actual results...

Cartoons the Door to Learning...


Science - Yes in Arabic as well

A large collection on Animals is made available (in English too)

Space the final frontier...

Professionally Narrated Stories...

Here is something for listening skills and bedtime activities:


Alternative Bedtime Options

If you have a laptop/PC right in the bedroom of your child, the following content for bedtime will provide a nice companion and learning too ...  


Learn the Arabic Letters in HD

You may select from several areas, for example interactive AMS flash cards such as:

Learn Letters from Anasheed

You may choose to teach via Anasheed such as the following:

Learn Arabic Letters from the Quran

Yet another area for learning letters in various forms is the following:



Here are over 500 words to get you started...

Words from the Quran

Expressions by Topics

A new section is being developed to empower with daily simple expressions...


Quran Reading for Children in Development...


Coloring and Prints...

A large collection of prints is available for your daily activities with your child or students...


Handwriting and Prints...

Practice Writing Letters...

  1. Handwriting drills available at your finger tips.  
  2. Establish a binder or file to collect and track these activities
  3. Unlike purchased books you can make repeated prints, date and track progress....


Use the animated letters writing media to assist you with proper writing sequence


Practice Writing Words....

Need a Blank Ruled Page?

Here is a blank you can print from within MUMTI over and over for additional practice...

Practice Writing a Whole Chapter... A Quran Calligraphy Starter...

Quick Usage

  1. Print the grayed version of the desired chapter

  2. Personalize each page with student name and date

  3. Have the student trace over the grayed text

    1. (use a 1.5 to 2mm calligraphic pen if available)

  4. Grade and give encouragements

    1. If student has difficulty with a specific letter, you may want to use the hand-writing drills for the alphabets, also available.

  5. See details here helpers/Calligraphy1/help.htm






Memorizing Quran - A Personalized Book with EasyText

Quick Usage

  1. Print the Juz cover provided and get started with a personalized 3-rings binder

    1. Insert printed sheets into binder using plastic protective sheets

  2. Print the colored "Easy Text" version of the chapters as needed

  3. Personalize each chapter with student name and date

  4. Start memorization

  5. On completion, when the chapter is fully memorized, grade and date

  6. See more details here helpers/EasyText/help.htm


  1. Having a personalized Quran binder for your Child enforces her/his learning

  2. Establishes chapter by chapter progress

  3. Remind children to bring their binder on short and long trips

  4. Easier word delimitation

  5. Easy reading and memorization

  6. Alternative to Quranic Uthmani Script




5 Verses per Week Program

Here is another ideas that have proved useful…

Establish a goal of 1 verse per day.  5 verses per week Monday thru Friday.

  1. Print the blank ruled page for handwriting

    1. Accessible from MUMTI / Quran for Children / Printables / section

    2. Page 01.PDF

  2. Use the EasyText printed version as a reference

  3. Have them practice writing the verse of the day and memorizing it in the process.

4.       By the end of week they would have memorized 5 verses.


Memorizing Quran Tools - Verse by Verse

The Most Popular Memorizing Quran Applications at your finger tips...



Memorizing and Understanding Quran and Salaat Tools

An excellent collection targeted specifically for children....



Learn the Basic and Advanced topics of Islam in Fun Ways..



Let MUMTI Teach them How to Pray

Then your children will teach you :)




Let them learn wonderful Duaa` (Supplications)

A large collection is made available that is both fun and educational...


Arabic Courses for Adults....

This section is oriented for grownups...however it does not mean you cannot leverage from it and establish fun learning family sessions.

We populated the "Arabic for Adults (in English)" channel  with every series we deemed valuable. 

Browse it carefully there are a lot of selections to choose from and you are bound to find a style which will suit your learning...

Arabic via Quran and Tajweed for Adults....

Also see

Lots of selections and teaching styles to choose from...

Develop the Right Identity Everywhere

Use the provided printable labels and names resources such as the following to establish a sense of pride and a continuous re-enforced learning:

Places to use such labels:






More on How to Succeed with MUMTI

HTPC - Home Theater PC

  1. Dedicating a PC in the middle of your home, eg. Living room as an HTPC (Home Theater PC) is an excellent idea to engage the whole family in MUMTI's content on a regular basis.
  2. An HTPC will be particularly effective once a module called ESP (Educational Smart Play) will become available.

ESP - Educational Smart Play

  1. ESP plays educational content interleaved with the children natural selection of Arabic cartoons and other fun content.   

  2. ESP was very effective with an internal predecessor windows-based version of "MUMTI"

  3. ESP will assist in balancing the huge amount of English (or other local language) they get exposed to thru their schooling, mother's and father's tongues.

  4. It has been our observation that enabling ESP on a nearby computer will induce children to keep speaking in Arabic while they play.

  5. Install MUMTI on more than one computer.

  6. Even without ESP, current automatic cycling thru media lists and playlists provides a great value.

Arabic 360

  1. The key idea is to surround and immerse the children and yourself with Arabic as much as possible and at different levels....

  2. Setup a laptop/PC right in the bedroom of your child.  It will assist you to give that special closure of the day with your child.   For those nights when you are tired and can't spend time with them let MUMTI do the work for you, it will tell Stories, teach Duaa` and review their current Surah of the Quran while they go sound to sleep ...

  3. Are you ready?

  4. Are you motivated to use 1/2 to 1 hour daily of MUMTI content? 

  5. Establish special social moments in front on your large screen or computer with your family and learn what is really important for you. 

  6. Children learn better when they see parents are themselves involved.



Other Topics

Installation Help & Notes

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