MUMTI Release 1.0.2



1. Added a new Channel Selector for better Hierarchy and Additional Content



2. Adding a totally new category of content we call Applications

Additional new MUMTI player will expand on the interactive type of content you will be able to enjoy.

Don't miss to check-out the Prophetic Timeline as well as various Quran Players and research tools.



3. Media Selector highlights your current selections

The current yellow highlights assist you identify your current selections



4. Media Selector displays Channels, Categories, Playlist and Media Titles

MUMTI now displays both titles as tooltips and larger print in the display bar.



5. Player Scrubber is now interactive

The vertical player scrubber is now directly selectable with the mouse to cue the current content to the desired position.




6. New Volume Control with Mute


You are now able to adjust the volume level as well as totally mute the current player.


7. New Player Controls with LEDs




8. New Play Back controls Repeat, Pacing and Looping



Ability to loop a given media a single time or multiple times

Press the lock button to loop for ever

Repeat & Pacing

** This applies only to AMS Slides

Repeat allows to repeat each slide number of times or simply request a slide to repeat anytime during its playback.

Press the lock button to repeat a slide continuously.  Press the reset to undo

Pacing allows you to override the default pause between slide with your timing speed up or slow down to meet your learning requirements.

Press the "PauseAfter" to alter how many seconds a slide pauses after playback to allow the student to repeat afterwards.

9. AMS Single Stepping and more...

Supporting built slide repetition if specified within the slide set

While a slide set playback is paused you may now single step forward or backward into the slides set.

This is indeed a valuable tool for teachers and parent drilling children.  Addtionally you may mute the sound to challenge yourself or the student.

Stay tuned as will soon expose more control in this area of AMS

Watch the following video to see how single stepping can benefit you.




10. Handling some 16:9 ratio resolutions

MUMTI now supports resolutions like 1366 x 768 layout

Support lower 4:3 resolutions like 800x600 will be addressed in an upcoming revision