Adding another Channel for Children Organized by Levels and Weeks



Constructing some "sample" content from the existing material

We have:

  1. 28 suwar of the Quran (both for AlMishari and M.Ayyoub)
  2. 28 slidesets of Words starting with letters of  the alphabet

Using my internal content map viewer...we have the following:

What other appropriate content could be added?

Need to add to each week something like the following:

  1. Numbers / Math
  2. Du3aa
    1. Derive ~30 or more completed Du3aa
    2. ???
  3. Islamic Art (paint/coloring)
    1. Derive some outlines for Surat names,
    2. Outlines for good-manners
    3. ...???)
  4. Stories (Quran, Islamic, Morals, Fiction, …)
  5. Anasheed
  6. Leverage existing content from YouTube appropriate for a given level.
  7. I will keep the one cartoon per week idea, out for a while???
  8. The "Islamic Educational Cartoons Series" should be a good fit here.
  9. The "Fattabiouni Serries" is also pretty good.
  10. Astronomy series…
  11. ???


Catalog of some of our Collections

Quran Verse by Verse Juz 30th

28 SlidesSet Words around the Alphabet

26 SidesSet Animals

18 episodes.. (Fattabiouni) = فاتبعوني

27 episodes (3 missing?)  (Islamic Educational Series)

17 episodes...(Quran Rulings) = أحكام القرآن

26 episodes (Stories from the Quran) = قصص دينية للأطفال من القرآن الكريم

26 episodes (Stories of the Prophets) = قصص الأنبياء

42 episodes (Prophetic Legacy) = السيرة النبوية

49 episodes Astronomy (in Arabic)

26 Episodes Letters and Words Pronunciation Around the Quran ...